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Hi everyone! Sorry, it's another review. More specifically it's another MAC review. I can't help myself man, shopping there has become like a drug to me and I am incredibly unwilling to quit this habit at present. Anyway, if you didn't know the Maleficent film will be coming out in the next week or so and MAC have created a new collection to get her look.

Now, when I think 'Maleficent', I think of the 1959 drawing and can't honestly say I envied her beauty much at all. In the new film, however, the jaw-dropping Angelina Jolie has taken on the role and I will buy any product that gives me even the slightest chance of looking like her.

The powder itself is a soft pink/peach colour and MAC's website advises that it be used as a "highlight, soft blush or overall finish" I haven't used it as an overall finish, and there is a huge amount of colour for me to think it's a suitable blush but boy oh boy does it work as a highlighter. I've never used a powder highlighter before, liquid/cream always worked fine so there was no need for me to venture elsewhere- but there was an ever present problem with my previous highlighters, they were a bit too noticeable. No amount of blending could make them as subtle as I wanted. This beauty powder has kinda changed my life.

There's no noticeable sheen to the powder, but it manages to highlight perfectly. It makes it look like my hamstery little face might have some cheekbones hidden in there- incredible! My main problem with it is that it's limited edition and I can see this becoming a staple in my make up bag, most of the Maleficent range has already sold out online so you'll have to head to a store if you want a chance of nabbing any of it. I kinda wish I'd got the sculpting powder too, but alas I was too slow!

Seriously though, this product is great, a little goes a long way so I'm fairly sure it'll last me a while. Hopefully they bring out something similar in the future to replace it because it kinda looks like you've brushed Photoshop onto your face.The only actual downfall is I can't see it being suitable for all skin tones, it works for me because it just happens to be slightly lighter than my natural skin tone but if you're darker or more olive toned I'm not sure how it'd work. Give it a go though and prove me wrong!

Have you tried anything from the Maleficent range? Or is there something you've got your beady little eye on? Let me know!

P.S. Sorry for the terrible pictures, it's awfully bright in my room lately. Also, there are no pictures of it on my face because a) my camera does not do it justice and b) I look like a goblin today.

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