Holiday Wish List


Holiday Wish List

This year I am lucky enough to already have two holidays planned. In June I'll be heading to Spain with Ben for 10 days of relaxation then in November I will be jetting off to the other side of the world with one of my best friends to explore Thailand and Vietnam for 3 weeks. Here is my little wish list of things that I feel are wardrobe staples for holidays. 

First we have the bikini, of course! I love the cut of this one, despite the questionable tan lines it will leave me with. I've seen it in the shop and it's made of a good, supportive material which is a must for larger busted ladies. 

The flip-flops are by Havaianas. As much as I would love to get some pretty, strappy sandals, I need to be realistic. I have feet that are similar to Fred Flintstone's so these are a great choice in terms of width. As well as this, Havaianas last fairly well, are comfortable and are easy to throw on when you're running down to the beach. 

I have been wanting a pair of cat-eye sunglasses for the longest time. I suit big sunglasses because I have an insanely large head, so dainty styles are out of the question. Since I first made this post (it's been sat in my drafts for a few days!) I have actually bought these and they're just perfect. 

Generally, I play it safe with trousers- jeans or black leggings are fine by me! But I need some trousers that will be light and comfy to travel in and these ones from Topshop seem perfect. Being monochrome means I will be able to chuck anything on with them (in theory) and it look mildly acceptable. 

Next we have a loose fitting top which will more than likely be paired with the trousers- again, I need something comfy to travel in but that won't make me overheat when we land. This was just a generic one I chose from Topshop that I thought was cute but might change my mind about since this is cropped and I am not about having my gut hanging out for the world to see.

And finally, denim shorts. I struggle with shorts every year because they either sit right above the knee and look stupid on me or they leave you with your bum cheeks hanging out. These two pairs of shorts from River Island are a good length though, they protect your modesty and the high waist on them makes them all the more flattering. 

What are your holiday/travelling outfit must haves? Let me know! 

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