Benefit Gimme Brow || Review


Gimme Brow- £17.50

I have been a massive fan of Benefit's Brow Zings for years- I'm fairly sure it was the first brow product I ever got, actually! Brow mascaras seem to be getting more and more popular now that many are opting for the 'Cara' brow, so I chose to put my relationship with Brow Zings on hold and hot footed it to my local Benefit counter to see what all the fuss was about.

At first I didn't really get on with this very well, despite the teeny tiny wand I found it almost clumsy to apply and the wand picks up SO much more product than necessary. After a few goes I've got a bit better at it, but rather than use it to fill in my brows, I use it to set them after I've filled them in with MAC's Charcoal Brown eyeshadow.

Honestly, I'm not completely blown away by this style of brow-fixing but I think once you get used to it it may well work. I know I've read so many rave reviews about Gimme Brow. Maybe I'm just using it wrong?! 


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